Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Energies coming to Earth now, how they are affecting us and what we can do

Channeled Message from “The White Light Council”

Through Dumari Dancoes

June 22, 2009

Theme: Energies coming to Earth now, how they are affecting us and what we can do.

We are Light. We are Love. We are here.

It is a pleasure to be here with you today.

There has been much energetic activity in the universe lately. These energies that are coming to Earth have been coming through for a while now (several years). They are part of the process of humanity’s spiritual evolution. The energies that are coming in right now (Spring 2009) are even more intense because humanity has gone through a quantum leap recently.

Many people are waking up. They are questioning the reality in which they have been living. They are opening their minds and their hearts to something more, something new. They are now questioning, “Is this reality that I’ve been living real?” “Is there more?” “Is there anything better?”

This questioning has lead many to an inner search for a connection with Source within and all around them. There are many people who are awakening spiritually.

This awakening is resulting in an increase of Love and Light coming into the collective. The old energies are diminishing and loosing power. More and more people are feeling empowered to create their own reality and to follow their heart.

There is much information being shared about how it is that you create your reality. This information is empowering humans. It is reminding them that the power of Creation is intimately joined with the power of Love, Joy and Gratitude.

We are very excited about this shift in humanity because it not only affecting you humans on earth, it also affecting the whole universe. At an energy level, we are one. What happens to you, is felt by others in the universe. We feel it.

There are other places in the universe that are directly affected by what is happening here on earth. And let us tell you, it is quite a show! There is so much interest in what is happening here on earth because this is very exciting. You have come a long, long way.

We are very proud of all your evolutionary achievements. We could not foresee the huge evolutionary leap you have gone through. This is an exciting time for all of you.

Every single person is being affected by these energies coming in. Each individual is being affected in a personal way. Depending on where you are on your path, different things are coming up for you. These challenges are being brought forward and magnified for you to clear them.

Do not curse the challenges, but bless them! The difficulties you are going through are but opportunities for you to express the love, wisdom and beauty of who you are. Decide what it is you wish to learn from this experience.

If you are struggling within a relationship, bless this challenge. Relationships provide a perfect space for growth to occur and for love, in all its forms, to be expressed.

If you are struggling with money, bless this challenge. See the opportunity this is bringing you to connect with your true Source; to experience how you can attract to you everything that you need when you trust. Expect the miracles and resources to come to you. This is an opportunity for you to see the power of your thoughts, your emotions and your gratitude.

All these changes are bringing you and others opportunities to recreate yourselves and choose who you wish be in this world.

There are some of you who are more sensitive to these incoming energies. We are referring now to the lightworkers. You are being affected by these energies twice. Not only are you going through your own personal shifts, but you are also here to be in service to others who are going through challenging times.

With your energetic bodies you are transmuting the negativity that is being released around you into more loving vibrations. You have to be strong to do this efficiently. You have to be more conscious of what your role is in order to be more effective in this transmuting of energies.

Dear lightworkers, it is very important that you take care of your body, both physically and energetically. There are many things you can do to take care of your body to keep it clear and strong. We have some suggestions for you.

Visualize. When you feel tired, frustrated, depressed, or in any way drained, you can visualize the lower energies being cleared from your body. Visualize your heart as a “transmuter” of the lower energies into higher vibration frequencies. You can ask your angels and guides to help you clear your body. You can visualize a shower of light and color clearing your body. You can see yourself being filled and surrounded with light. You can visualize yourself going to the spiritual realms to rest, refresh and clear yourself.

Sound and Movement. You can use sound to transmute: you can chant, sing, play uplifting music. You can move your body, shake it, dance, exercise, etc.

Food & Water. It is important that you eat foods that are as natural as possible; less processed foods give you more energy. Eat foods that have not been contaminated with chemicals (organic foods are best). We also suggest that you infuse the foods you are about to eat with light and love. Set the intention that this food will be in harmony with your high vibrational body. You can also do this with water.

Water is a great transmuter of energy. Take a bath or a shower. Wash your hands. Water offers a great medium to intentionally transmute energy.

Taking care of your body will help minimize your body’s sensitivity to the energies coming in and will make your transmuter role more effective in your service to humanity.

Please know that all these changes that are happening are exciting and positive! There was a time when these changes would have brought much destruction. There was a strong possibility that humanity would cease to exist. This was prophesized for thousands of years. But this is no longer the case.

You have shifted so much! The energies that are coming through now will no longer be used for the destruction. They are actually being used to rebuild and create a new humanity. The strengths that you have been rediscovering, the strength that comes from your connection with Source and your connection to each other, is what is fueling the shifts that are happening right now.

There are still many choices for you to make ahead of you. These choices will determine how you will recreate yourselves. We see you marching forward at full speed towards empowering yourselves with true power. No longer will you be placing your power outside of yourself (on your leaders or on systems where you feel you have no control). Now the power is coming from within you. More of you are awakening to this truth.

We are here to support you in this process of empowering yourself from within. We are the White Light Council and we are here to help you see your own Light, the Light that is you.

It is our pleasure to support you in becoming brighter humans; brighter beacons. What we see for you is a bright future; A future where each of you shines your Light with Joy and Gratitude. We invite you to move forward with excitement for what you are creating personally and collectively.

We love you dear ones. We are Light. We are Love. We are One.

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