Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Bodies Shift Preparation

Have you noticed changes occurring within yourself? Can you eat like you used to eat, or do you find yourself eating less or perhaps have an appetite for a different type of diet? Do you feel more tired or getting sick for no reason? How is your short term memory holding up? When you use the computer or write, do you find that your spelling looks more like someone with Dyslexia wrote it than you? All these things mentioned and more are changes occurring within you. Source is preparing us for the Shift that is upon us, right here, right now. Changes occurring on moment by moment on every cellular level within our amazing human bodies. When you go to sleep at night, do you wake up feeling different with a sense of calm, a sense of amazement as to what may happen next. There is so much in store for us that we cannot even begin to fathom. Trust yourself, know that what is yet in store for you is an amazing step by step journey and you won't be alone. Come ride this phenomenal shift roller coaster with me. Your tummy will have butterflies, your eyes will open wide with amazement of the sites you'll find along the way. Let's hold hands together and enjoy every minute of this Blue Planet's journey towards The Shift.


  1. I sleep a LOT more and always in need of sleep. And definitely quite dyslexic now. LOL!

  2. The sleep thing...yes...I do need lots of sleep. And sometimes wake up more tired than I was before going to bed. I know that we Lightworkers "work" at night a lot. That's where this feeling of tiredness comes from. I say - listen to your body and follow its guidance. If the body needs more sleep - so be it. And the water - I am getting "drink more water". Cheers to it! Thanks Lynda for that post!