Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Moon Impression

The moon is what interests me tonight. There were conflicting opinions as to what the meaning of the moon for me. Is it the man in the moon? Or was the moon a reflection of the earth? Ask, and the answer will come, and come to me it did in the most beautiful way.
I was coming home from the video store at about 9 pm. As I got out of my car, something about the moon caught my eye, and I saw a beautiful circular rainbow around a moon that will be full 2 nights from tonight. I thought about calling my son to come and see it, but as I walked around my car and looked up again, the rainbow was gone. There was a cloud passing over the moon, and the density of the cloud was no longer as intense. But the cloud continued to pass to the east, and once again the rainbow appeared. There was the moon surrounded by a huge circle of cloud-covered mystical glow all enveloped by a beautiful circular rainbow. I stood mesmerized. And I saw in this grande performance, a beautiful eye. The choreography could not have been more perfect.
As nature spoke to me for that brief minute, time stood still for me. I was spellbound and realized that, at that very moment, I was receiving the answer to the moon’s representation in my life path. This miracle of nature was speaking to me. The moon is spirit. It will help me find the answers, and is there for me during my favorite time of day, which interestingly enough is nighttime. The eye was spirits’ eye meeting my third eye, and giving me assurance that we are in sync.
I am honored to have had the experience of this front row seat to what I considered a private performance in “spectacular”. I am privileged to be receiving the answers to what I have for so long tortured me. I am that much closer to where I am going. Wonderment. It is truly wonderment.

Nancy Hayata

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