Friday, June 5, 2009

Introduction to this blog, and first post :-)

Our precious Earth is filled with abundant gifts beyond our wildest human comprehension. My name is Lynda Peralta, a Lightworker and one who very much cares & is excited by the amazing changes that our planet earth is undergoing at this time. One night while emailing a dear friend, I came up with the idea of a blog about the shift and energy changes that are taking place with the earth and within humans at this time. My friend, Swati, an amazing Lightworker extrodinaire in her own right, thought is was an excellent idea and encouraged this to take form.

As Human Beings we are blessed with the breath of life to be living on this beautiful planet at this time. This blog will attempt to capture the emotions, feelings, visions, dreams of us as humans and the amazing beautiful metamorphisis that this earth has yet to reveal to us. I invite anyone into this blog to please share their enlightened moments, stories, hopes and dreams of peace as this magnificent planet shifts into the Aquarian Constellation. I encourage only positive submissions that will serve to help our fellow peoples. Likewise, as you share, please feel free to contact me in the comments section if you wish to submit your own content for this blog. It could be something you think/feel about the amazing shifts taking place on earth, the changes that will come to pass, it could be a channeling by you, or an article written on this topic. You can also give links to your website and/or blog at the end of your article. And now, our journey begins...

Our Earth, as we know it has more gifts than any one human can envision. As the collective consciousness on this planet grows, we will see the most amazing changes unfold before our eyes. We are so very blessed with the breath of life and the opportunity to live on this planet at this most exciting time. While some may wonder what will happen as we step into year of 2012, many others open their arms and embrace the opportunities and gifts that the Universe has to reveal. I, for one am amazed at the changes that have taken place within me.
During the end of March I was not feeling well, left work & went home. As the days progressed, all I could do was sleep, sleep, sleep. It was as if I was purposely put into many days of deep sleep so that a magical transformation could take place within me. If I had been awake & kept myself busy the important work that needed to be done within me could not be accomplished. Many Lightworkers I spoke with experienced the same events, they felt listless and tired & unable to function in any capacity. Emails were shooting across the internet asking "What's going on? I've never felt this way before." Lightworkers from all over the country and all corners of the globe felt the same way. Unexplained incidences of illnesses that could not be helped with the aid of modern medicine. Sleep was the only healer in this case.
Health issues like this & more continue to surface, only to find that one has to allow it to take place, accept it as a part of the human body's miraculous changes that are meant to occur. I am sure that many of you have exerienced similar events whether they are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature. I invite you to share your journeys, experiences, blessings and dreams of how you see our beautiful planet earth unfolding and becoming the most miraculous place our souls have the pleasure of living on.


  1. Lynda, come on, post something :-)))). I hope you got my email.

  2. Lynda,
    what a beautiful blog this is. I am amazed. Yes, the Aquarius energy is emerging changing the world order into "synthesis" no longer the Piscean "individualism". We shall all work together as lightworkers to make this large energy shift. erika/krystalcube

  3. Lynda, thank you for starting this blog! I am pretty sure I will be coming in here often. It feels good to talk about the changes/things that are happening around us and within us. It is especially important to sensitive Lightworkes, like us, who don't always have someone to talk to about that. These are interesting times we are living in, and I am very happy I can be here on Earth at this time and participate in this beautiful "show". So let's get the party started: let's manifest peace, love and happiness. Let's embrace the changes, they are only for the better.
    Thank you Lynda again. Looking forward to more of your posts!

  4. I will be delighted to write some info on the workings of the Mayan Calendar..
    The culmination of its cycles and all the fun things this could mean...
    Have a beautiful day!

  5. Ramblin River, I'd love to have you share some info on the site regarding the Mayan Calendar.. By the way, I really like your site as well.

  6. The moon is what interests me tonight. There were conflicting opinions as to what the meaning of the moon for me. Is it the man in the moon? Or was the moon a reflection of the earth? Ask, and the answer will come, and come to me it did in the most beautiful way.
    I was coming home from the video store at about 9 pm. As I got out of my car, something about the moon caught my eye, and I saw a beautiful circular rainbow around a moon that will be full 2 nights from tonight. I thought about calling my son to come and see it, but as I walked around my car and looked up again, the rainbow was gone. There was a cloud passing over the moon, and the density of the cloud was no longer as intense. But the cloud continued to pass to the east, and once again the rainbow appeared. There was the moon surrounded by a huge circle of cloud-covered mystical glow all enveloped by a beautiful circular rainbow. I stood mesmerized. And I saw in this grande performance, a beautiful eye. The choreography could not have been more perfect.
    As nature spoke to me for that brief minute, time stood still for me. I was spellbound and realized that, at that very moment, I was receiving the answer to the moon’s representation in my life path. This miracle of nature was speaking to me. The moon is spirit. It will help me find the answers, and is there for me during my favorite time of day, which interestingly enough is nighttime. The eye was spirits’ eye meeting my third eye, and giving me assurance that we are in sync.
    I am honored to have had the experience of this front row seat to what I considered a private performance in “spectacular”. I am privileged to be receiving the answers to what I have for so long tortured me. I am that much closer to where I am going. Wonderment. It is truly wonderment.

    Nancy Hayata

  7. That is a truly beautiful thing to behold. As if a present for you in the moment. Light in all its intricacies. Coming from the Moon. The reflective source of nights light. That which melds and blends things making all seem similar and under one "one light".
    And what a good time to draw the moon down to you. :)